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Here at Santa Cruz Coin Exchange, you'll always be served by a friendly and courteous staff. If you have questions or need assistance with selling your old coins, let us help. We're not here to take advantage of you. Since 1979, we have been providing customized solutions and running our shop with the highest level of integrity.

Name: Santa Cruz Coin Exchange
Address: 555 Soquel Ave Ste 270, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Phone Number: 831-426-1909

Buy or Sell Jewelry

Whether you want to buy or sell diamonds, gold, silver, or a piece of jewelry, Santa Cruz Coin Exchange is your best choice. Contact us today for your FREE estimate and then check with other businesses that claim to "pay top dollar." We'll be happy and surprised if they can beat our deals.

Jewelry Services and More

Why Should You Do Business With Santa Cruz Coin Exchange?

  • Our staff is more than happy to explain the price at which we buy and sell gold and silver based on the spot market. We'll even write the price and the weight of the material bought or sold on your sales receipt. 
  • Back when gold prices skyrocketed, we didn't jump on the bandwagon. We're a locally owned and operated business with 31 years of service at this location. Our store will be here for you tomorrow as well. 
  • Without the high prices of traveling around the country and full-page newspaper ads, our shop can afford to pay you what your material is actually worth. 
  • The jewelry we make is top of the line. We don't have the large overhead costs that mall stores have. If you find a piece of jewelry you like, we'll work with you to make a gorgeous piece. You'll truly be amazed at the differences in price and quality that our store offers.
  •  We help protect our city by reporting transactions that seem unusual to the Santa Cruz police and sheriff offices, and we also follow the federal government's Anti-Money Laundering program. Contact us today.
Purchase exquisite gold or silver jewelry from us. Visit us today at 555 Soquel Ave Ste 270! 
We proudly serve the city of Santa Cruz and the surrounding areas. 
Call us at 831-426-1909 
for a FREE estimate!
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